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First Review on Sarkodie's "Highest" Album

This is the first of its kind, an album review in Gh. Sarkodie debut his album Highest on the 9th Of September, Sarkodie told Tim Westwood that, the ‘Highest’ album is basically about him and his state of mind at the moment; and he crowned the situation with his daughter who has changed his life. He also said that, the happiness of having a daughter changed him from who he was and this is why he had her on the cover art. This review is my piece of my mind about the album, as the saying goes opinion are like noses. The album contains 18 new songs with Pain Killer as a bonus. I explain each song below:


In Silence - Starts with a poem by Suli Breaks: I was not surprised about this, as the song title is ‘Highest’ meaning the King, and these words from Sulibreaks sound like ‘’Attributes’’ & ‘’Apellations’’ for the chiefs in Africa. I guess that's the concept behind 'Silence' as the words from Sulibreaks claim Sark is the king on his throne and Sarkodie’s rap confirms that.


Personally I think this song was just a hype song. I don’t really get its concept. The chorus of the song is talking about ‘’what you got do’’ but sarkodie is still bragging about how he’s the KING. The rap on the song is hard though but it still is the usual from Sarkdoie

Come To Me

I didn’t really like the song from the first listen but on seeing the video I think it's a very great song, as Bobii Lewis is a white dude doing an afrobeat song. It's a good song that's going to sell on the international market.


This is another hype song with Suli Break's poem praising sarkodie as the best ever seen.

We no dey fear

Personally, I think this song is a refix of E.L's Lalafalama and this was confirmed in the video. Jayso is one of the Old Gees who placed Sarkodie on top with his song ‘’LAY AWAY’’ (Sarkdoie, Sway and Jayso). The song has very good instrumentals -still wandering who produced it- and good chorus.


BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM -not because of my love for Worlasi- Worlasi an up and coming artiste in Ghana is doing great things in the Ghana industry but is still not known. The song has a different twist -which is normal with Worlasi if you should check out his songs- Jayso’s delivery was so perfect.

Love Yourself

The only song that has a concept on the album, I’m sure it's inspiration is from Justin Beiber's ‘Love Yourself’’. The song has Moelogo delivering the chorus. It's a very good one for the international market.


With the song name being the title of the album, I was not impressed with the delivery. Still the same bragging from the King Sark and this time it was from his old freestyles. Trying to throw free punch lines here and there but was still the usual.

Far away

One of the songs that was not necessary in my opinion as the song was not up to my standard.

Your Waist

A song with a beat produced by Masterkraft is definitely a hit, not to talk of Flavour singing the chorus. Overall its a good song, sounds just like (Tekno - Yawa, instru). The song is destined to travel far.


Highest Pt Sulibreaks - More bragging by Suli

Baby Mama

I think This song was produced just to raised issues about Sark's baby Mama (Tracey) cheating, which can be a good concept for media hype as proven by Jay Z on 4:44 & Beyonce on Lemonade. Joey B delivered as he should do.

All I want is You

Another love song from our man Sarkodie, as expected its going to be a good one. My attention was drawn to the one who sang the chorus, it was delivered perfectly, Praiz. He's definitely someone to look out for.

All Night

No comment on this. On a second thought my intention is not to be harsh but for real don’t even know why it was produced.

See only You

A love song delivered perfectly


It takes after ‘’Adonai’’ which is a remix song. Yes a remix, the original is with SK Blinks and its so not worth it. Sarkodie has been trying to release another song better than that. I think this song does the trick, as the delivery was so perfect. The song talks about praising God, just as Adonai and where he started from. My interest is in YUNG L, I don’t know whether he’s Ghanaian or Nigerian, he just did justice to the beat. THIS SONG IS THE BEST ON THE ALBUM..

Over All Judgement

It is a very good album, some songs on it are delivered perfectly, theres a lot of collaborations with other foreign artistes which is good for the international market. It will definately put Ghana on the Map no wonder its topping charts.


Its predictable, Sarkodie is a love rapper (as declared by M.anifest). There are so many love songs on the album which is not a bad idea but a rapper like Sarkodie will need to prove more and try to rap about issues where he’s not too comfortable with. His rap about himself is just getting too much (Bragging), a good rapper takes a situation and raps about it. I hoped to get some songs from AKWABOAH, STRONGMAN Burner who are new artistes on his record Label. That could have atleast added a twist.

Im JUST SAYING, Enjoy the music.

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