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Songstress Sista Afia has gone haywire on Facebook after getting zero nomination at the 2017 Ghana Music Awards UK. The ‘Jeje’ hitmaker in a Facebook post expressed her gross disappointment in organisers of music awards in and outside the country for failing to acknowledge her hard work after entering the music industry in 2014. The angry musician in the post said she cannot phantom why she has been consistent in the music industry for the past three years but has failed to gain just a nomination at any music awards organised to reward Ghanaian musicians.

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After Ghanaian media pointed out the obvious copying of South African filmmaker, Tim Greene’s ‘Skeem’ in Kofas Media’s box office hit, ‘John & John’, the news has finally gotten to the original filmmaker and he is clearly not amused! Kofi Asamoah of KOFAS Media came out to explain that his version was a remake if the original, but clearly it seems he didn’t seek for permission before making his version and Tim Greene has expressed his disappointment.

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The marriage of reggae/dancehall act, Stonebwoy to Dr. Louisa Ansong seems to be a very private event but photos are gradually trickling in, and here are some photos from what seem to be the traditional wedding of the couple. Report has it that the white wedding currently going on at Trade Fair in Accra the and military secured engagement ceremony, which happened earlier in the day at Dr. Louisa Ansong’s family house.

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I am Lord Addo-yobo known in he music industry as King Yobo. It is my dream to leave a legacy of immortality in the showbiz industry. I am noted for the delivery of good music-the kind that heals the injuries of the society, soothes the soul and builds the moral fabric of the country as a whole.

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