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Edmund knew that the moment Jemima stepped out, his mother was going to come at him "all guns blazing". He knew with this news, things were going to change forever.....

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…Edmund knew that the moment Jemima stepped out, his mother was going to come at him "all guns blazing". He knew with this news, things were going to change forever.

He walked into the hall like someone on death row and was set for the firing squad. He sat in the hall and buried his head in his hands as if to say, "Dear mother, cut me some slack I regret my actions already so do not hang me out to dry".

 He knew his mother also had a reputation to protect. She was termed the "neighbourhood's watch-dog". She ensured that the behavior of the children in the community were prim and proper. If word got out that the "corrector's" son had engaged in such an act, it was going to be scandalous.

He heard footsteps in a distance. His mother walked past him and went into the kitchen. "Had she received the news already? Was she waiting for her constant presence to "break" him for him to spill the beans like is done in these detective movies"?

Edmund had suddenly gone from student to philosopher as he sat in the chair. He wondered to himself, "what informs a man's decisions? At what point can a man get to his breaking point? When does one realize the need for a turning point or change of heart? Some people read a religious tract and suddenly they see the light, others listen to a song and have a change of heart, some people have to go through an experience before they reach their turn-around point". Edmund had gone through all these stages yet change was not in sight.

He wondered why even the dilemma associated with the first pregnancy was not enough experience for a turnaround; a need to "drop anchor" and wait. He had now come to the level of apportioning blame. He blamed the ladies he had been with. Both his girlfriend and Jemima had drop-dead curvaceous figures which were irresistible. He knew he had an insatiable libido and that too received some blame. Sometimes he had to resort to "unconventional" ways of satisfying his urge. He did not expect it to land him in the mess he presently found himself. He blamed his mother for also keeping him on a tight leash and not allowing him to take certain decisions. Everyone took a bashing. It is sometimes funny the way people suddenly regret their actions after the deed is done and take to soliloquy as if the speech can make one go back in time.

He suddenly had a flashback. He remembered the journey to the university for the very first time. It was a two and a half hour journey. His reactions were mixed. He had graduated from a popular high school. He was a chorister. The laws of the choir were such that mingling with the opposite sex was prohibited. He thought to himself "this will be easy, I just need to find a choir in the school then become a member. It will help me continue the anti-social tradition from high school".

Edmund was intelligent and there was no telling that university education was going to be easy for him. He suddenly came back to life and realized that he had done the unthinkable and had put everyone in jeopardy by his actions. He knew his mother was going to bail him out. He gathered courage and walked into the kitchen to face-off with his mother. He wanted to come clean with her. He trembled upon entering the kitchen. He struggled but he managed to say "I have done something awful". His mother dropped the bread in her hand and said "what have you done?"

His phone suddenly vibrated and he realized he had only imagined the face-off scene and had not spoken at all. He excused himself to answer the call. It was his girlfriend......

More soon....

                                                                                                            END OF EPISODE TWO

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