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Edmund sat in the barbering salon while gazing at the tiled floor waiting his turn to get his haircut. As he looked up, he saw his reflection in the mirror. He began to wonder to himself if the events that were happening in his life were real....

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So She called at dawn today complaining about how bad her relationship has been and how she's been taken for granted for not doing anything but being a good woman and a lenient one of course...

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...And This Is What I Think!

In my humble opinion, I think the African has always been afraid of change; any form of change. I think we would rather let the status quo thrive just because it has always been the norm so we can be entitled to the crumbs that fall onto 

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This is the first of its kind, an album review in Gh. Sarkodie debut his album Highest on the 9th Of September, Sarkodie told Tim Westwood that, the ‘Highest’ album is basically about him and his state of mind at the moment; and he crowned the situation with his daughter who has changed his life. He also said that, the happiness of having a daughter changed him from who he was and this is why he had her on the cover art. This review is my piece of my mind about the album, as the saying goes opinion are like noses. The album contains 18 new songs with Pain Killer as a bonus. I explain each song below:

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